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European Studies Essays

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Definition of Europe in the 21st Century

This discussion will illustrate how the definition of what Europe is in the 21st Century has been narrowed from the expanse of the European continent…

Principle of Sovereign Immunity

Modern times has seen a rise in a respect of human rights has found a new clash with the principle of sovereign immunity.

Lisbon Treaty and EU Constitution

To what extent do the reforms enshrined by the Lisbon Treaty enhance the legitimacy of the European Union?

Market Foreign Management

The different types of entry modes, to penetrate a foreign market, arise due to globalisation. The latter has drastically changed the way business conduct at…

The Sovereignty EU Parliament

It is important first to address what the perception of the doctrine of supremacy is to then examine what effect membership of the European Union..

The effects of marine pollution

Describe and discuss the major causes and effects of marine pollution. Suggest solutions for the problem and analyze how successful they may be.

Engelse taal in Nederland

Voor u ligt het profielwerkstuk waar wij dit schooljaar aan hebben gewerkt.

Costs and benefits of the EMU

This paper contributes to the ongoing debate over European Monetary Union (EMU) including the costs and benefits of joining it.

Social construction of environmental issues

The environment refers to the central part that links the ecological, political, social, economic and technological aspects. It is a component that integrate…

The concept on going green

Taking the ‘Going Green’ phrase and its concepts in the discussion of this report, we come to the conclusion that there are no short resources…

European Court of Human Rights

Section one analyses the tripartite problem outlined within PACE Resolution 1226 (2000); the inadequate clarity and ‘casuistical’ nature of Court judgements…

The mantle of mistakes

Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet severe mistakes that are neglected and left unrealized lead to the tragic destruction of the two protagonists.

European union came into existence

European Union came into existence with an endeavor to stop the war between the bordering countries and to maintain the peace and harmony throughout the Europe.

Economic and monetary union

Identify and discuss the costs and benefits of joining the Economic and Monetary Union (EMU)? Do the benefits outweigh the costs?

Hyderabad city

Hyderabad, the capital city of the state of Andhra Pradesh is one of the fast growing urban assortments in India.

Data Protection Act 1998

The focus of this report is to explain the requirements & imposes of Data Protection Act 1998.

The idea of carrying capacity

By the end of the 21st century, human population growth may exceed Earth’s carrying capacity’.

European Studies Essays – Inter-War Period

European Studies Essays – Inter-War Period – What conditions existed in the countries of central and Eastern Europe in the inter-war period that allowed the Communists to take power there after 1945?

Analyses eu-ecowas historical relation

EU-ECOWAS relations did not commence until 1975 due to the fact that ECOWAS only came into existence on May 28th 1975 with the signing of Treaty of Lagos by its member states (ECOWAS, 2010).

European Union Regional Policy

After the Second World War, there had been attempts to re-unify the war-torn countries in Europe.